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Prem Dana Takada has been studying various forms of meditation for the last 14 years in Thailand, India, London, Sedona (USA) and Australia. She has developed her own therapeutic approach based on her Buddhist and Neo- Zen mystery school’s teachings which focus on mediations of the heart. In this experiential participants will get to experience the alchemical possibilities inherent in this approach. By sitting silently and going into the depth of the heart many discoveries, creative solutions and transformations occur spontaneously so that meditation and thereby therapy becomes not so much a doing as a non-doing or allowing of the unnatural to dissolve and the natural or the essential to flower. A perfect approach for tired souls. Prem Dana is also an experienced Ericksonian Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist, Solution Focused Therapists and Cognitive -Behavioral Therapist and integrates these skills in an East meets West approach.


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