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About Tokyo Therapy
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Tokyo Therapy is the private international consulting practice of Prem Dana Takada, Clinical Psychologist. She established the practice after moving to Tokyo in 1995. She has now moved (in Sep 2007) to Byron Bay on the beautiful Far North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. She decided to continue her consulting business remotely after relocating back to Australia as she felt there was still a great need for therapists with her qualifications and experiences for those that are living abroad. She does international sessions via Phone with email support.

Face to face meetings can also be organized during a retreat/therapeutic vacation at stunning Byron Bay, New South Australia for one on one or group work. Accommodation and other therapeutic activities such as massage, yoga and meditations all available.

However relying solely on phone and internet contact has proven to be very successful with the many clients she worked with in the past in  remote locations within Japan and abroad. She currently works in this way with clients living throughout Europe, Asia and Australia.

Call International +61-2-6680-9346 or email byrondana@bigpond.com with your enquiry.

She can also assist you in finding therapists in Japan and in other parts of Asia.

For more information about Dana’s full range of state of the art, internationalquality services go to  www.byronpsychology.com

Japan Background
During her time in Japan she consulted with the English speaking national and international community on a range of problems, gave workshops and seminars and was interviewed in Japan Times.

She was also actively involved as Conference Coordinator and President of International Mental Health Professionals Japan (IMHPJ), the professional association for international therapists in Japan.

She has a strong commitment to professionalism as evidenced by:

1. Ongoing professional development activities by attendance and presentations at professional and community conferences and seminars.

2. Networking with and supporting colleagues.

3. Ethical practice awareness.

4. Connections with a wide range of community groups such as Being a Broad and the Association of International Community Provider Organizations (AICPO).

Why Seek Therapy?

People seek therapy for a wide range of reasons ranging from support with personal growth to specific problem focus and psychiatric issues. Prem Dana’s international experience in a diversity of settings gives her a unique ability to deal with a wide range of presenting issues with flexibility and care. Each treatment is designed according to client’s needs. She is married to a Japanese national, thereby also bringing her own personal experience to cross cultural issues.

All therapy is totally confidential. Prem Dana abides by the Australian Psychological Society and International Mental Health Professionals Japan  code of ethics, which establish professional ethical standards.

Why a Clinical Psychologist?

Prem Dana is a Clinical Psychologist which means that she is specialist in human behaviour and change. Clinical Psychologists provide systematic assessment, evaluation of behaviour, personality, emotions and systems to provide solutions for individuals, groups, organizations and the community. Prem Dana is a member of the College of Clinical Psychologist of the Australian Psychological Society, a minimum 8 year training requirement. Australian Clinical Psychology training runs on a scientist – practitioner model and involves training by coursework, major thesis and internship. Clinical Psychologists use evidence based treatments and therapies including Cognitive Therapy and Family and Systemic approaches.

In contrast, a Psychiatrist is a medical doctor (M.D.) who has specialized in psychiatry. Psychologists do not prescribe medication though a referral can be made to a medical practitioner for further assessment for the appropriate use of medication as part of your treatment, if required. Referrals and recommendations to other community resources can also be made as part of your treatment.

Brief or Long Term?

Prem Dana is trained in brief and in other longer term and in depth therapy approaches. Brief therapy can last from 1-15 sessions while longer term therapy can be ongoing, according to each client’s situation.


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