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Prem Dana Takada MPsych qualified as a Clinical Psychologist in Melbourne, Australia, a minimum 8 year training requirement, during which she developed expert skills in working with specific issues such as depression, anxiety, sexual problems, anger management, low self esteem, codependence, abuse history and eating disorders. She also acquired accreditation as a Family Therapist, enabling her to understand and work with the powerful interactive forces of the couple, family and other social units.

After leaving Australia, Prem Dana worked as a Principal Clinical Psychologist in Ealing, London where she continued to work with individuals, families and as a group therapist. While in the U.K., she also trained as an Ericksonian Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist in Oxford, learning how to utilize the power of the unconscious as a resource pool for change and personal growth.

She has traveled widely, having also lived in India, where she worked in an international therapy and spiritual center. She has lived in Japan since 1995  where she runs Tokyo Therapy in which she sees individuals and couples for psychological, cross cultural, vocational, psychiatric and personal growth issues. During this time, as well as assisting in the development and running of an international professional organization for therapists here in Japan, she has furthered her studies in the U.S. and has presented at Asia-wide and international conferences in the U.S.

Prem Dana's approach draws on diverse trainings  in Cognitive Psychology, Couple and Family Therapy, Ericksonian Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy and Brief and Solution Focused approaches. She combines all these modern psychotherapeutic techniques with the deep understandings of spiritual practice whereby problems are seen as opportunities for growth, focusing on deep healing and lasting changes.

When people are away from their usual home environment, sometimes the more troubled aspects of themselves or their relationships can come to the surface. By going through these doorways, and overcoming any fears or pain, the underlying resources and strengths are discovered. A lightening of the heart is experienced and the uniqueness and inherent self worth of each individual can be expressed and valued.

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